About & Support

What is it?

ApiAxle is a product which might sit in front of your API and provide services such as rate limiting and key authentication. There’s a basic architecture description in the docs section.

Why is it?

ApiAxle is different to the cloud based services such as Mashery in that it’s intended to be installed within your LAN and be managed by you. This means you own your users, you own your data and you can more easily manage costs.

Open source

ApiAxle is open-source. This means you can modify it as much as you like and contribute changes back. Others will do the same and gradually the system will become all the better for it.

Support & ad-hoc development

Get in touch and we can provide new features, integrate the API into your platform and provide support.


Get in touch if you would like to purchase a subscription to a non-GPL licence for ApiAxle.