ApiAxle has been acquired

I’m very proud to announce that ApiAxle is now a member of the Exicon family.

ApiAxle started out as a side project about two years ago when I was CTO at Qwerly and we found our API management provider didn’t quite fit our needs. API growth had already exploded back then, and so in the same way you could pick from a plethora of databases or webservers, it seemed like there should be an OSS API management solution. About six months ago I decided to take ApiAxle into the commercial realm and start selling support for it whilst I built out the management toolkits. In this time, downloads went from tens a month to about 400 a month, ApiAxle was picked up by some big names, and, the product has improved leaps and bounds.


Exicon provides cutting-edge app management solutions that simplify the creation, deployment and management of mobile applications. They were founded in 2007, based in Hong Kong and San Francisco under a digital startup incubator, Catalist. They have an excellent, curated API directory which complements what ApiAxle does well.

What will happen to ApiAxle?

Exicon fully intends to keep pushing development forward with ApiAxle. The project will get a huge boost in resources, not just development but also some great advisers not least in the Exicon CEO, Stefan Rust and CTO, Terry Wong. I will remain as the ApiAxle product owner and the OSS component will live on and continue to improve.

Phil Jackson