Why use ApiAxle?

The Open Source API Management Platform. Why choose us over the others?

Open Source

Read the source
Sysadmin concerned about what's happening to your sensitive API data? Show them the source. More eyes on the code means fewer mistakes.
Contribute features
You can get in touch with us to build features for you, or you can build them yourself and then contribute them to ApiAxle via Github.
Benefit from other peoples' changes
People already feed back to ApiAxle. You'll benefit from their code, reports and new features.

Locally hosted

Minimise latency costs
Stick your API behind ApiAxle on the same hardware or via a fast LAN connection. You don't get that hop over the internet you might with a cloud-based provider.
It's your data, keep it that way
You know exactly where your data is going and who can see it. No concerns about someone caching sensitive data for too long, because you're in charge.
Absolute control over infrastructure
Choose Nginx, Lighttpd, Varnish, Apache or none of the above. Tune Redis to your liking or have us do it according to your specific API requirements.


Core components are free
20-minutes-to-useful with no cost.
Great support rates
Our support packages are incredibly competitive and we'll do our utmost to optimise your setup from the start. You'll get access to a developer, not someone reading from a manual.

Feature rich

Integrate us with your user database
The ApiAxle REST API makes it a cinch to integrate us with your current user database. Just a few calls and you can plug a user into your API and give them a key.
Everything you don't want to have to build yourself
HMAC token authentication based on secret key and epoch hashing, rate limiting, XML/JSON error output, HTTPS support, powerful logging and analytics.
ApiAxle is heavily optimised. We intend to keep it that way.

Powerful API

Resource management
Does everything you could want for managing keys, APIs and keyrings - add, delete, update anything. Link/unlink keys to keyrings.
A very powerful statistics system. Captures all events for APIs, keys and keyrings. View results in real-time or spread over a large period. You get all of this and can query it for arbitrary time ranges.

Powerful REPL

Sometimes the CLI is just the right way...
$ sudo npm install -g apiaxle-repl
$ apiaxle

axle> key "05050c14643dc" create
axle> api "acme" create endPoint="localhost:81"
axle> api "acme" linkkey "05050c14643dc"
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