• The Open Source
    API Management Platform

    ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network, in front of your API(s) and manages things that you shouldn't have to, like rate limiting, authentication and analytics. It's fast, open and easy to configure.

  • Developer friendly

    Read the source. Contribute your changes. Benefit from other's contributions.

    Configure every aspect of your APIs, keys and keyrings from the REPL or from the HTTP API.

    Modular system which can co-exist with your technology. We've made few assumptions about where ApiAxle will be installed.

  • Fast, secure and obsessed with analytics

    Use our advanced analytics collection system to derive business insights and monitization opportunities.

    Flexible and competitive support contracts. ApiAxle is flexible; we can build it around your existing infrastructure.

  • ApiAxle

  • For Developers

  • For Businesses

Simple API Management and Analytics

  • Analytics

    Real-time usage statistics per key and API.
    Stats on key, keyring and API usage.
  • Management

    Create keys and assign to APIs.
    Set per second and daily rate limits.
    Use keyrings to group collections of keys.
    Integrate easily with your current user paradigm.
  • Performance

    Fast, event-based backend.
    On-premise means no cloud hops.

Powerful Administration API

  • Create, modify and delete APIs and Keys
  • Grab real time stats
  • Simple RESTful interface, integrate with your apps
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Here are some libraries you can use to access the API:

Want to contribute a library yourself? Send it over and we'll send you back a t-shirt!

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Don't just take our word for it

ApiAxle was the missing piece of the puzzle for building our API service; It's concise, focussed and has been super nice to work with. I think it'll become an essential part of the open source landscape. Thanks again for an excellent piece of software!

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