How to contribute to ApiAxle

Thinking of adding a feature? That’s great - we obviously encourage contributions and would love to help you. To start you off, here’s a quick guide for getting up and running on an Ubuntu type system:

Email us

It’s worth checking with us to see if the feature is in development or on the roadmap. We may have already written a spec in which case you could save time by using that or, if you can, waiting for us to develop it.

Installing the dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs build-essential libxml2-dev

Fork and clone

Login to github, go to, hit the fork button and then clone your fork.

Install the dependencies

$ cd apiaxle
$ make npminstall

ApiAxle uses a library called apiaxle-base for things like configuration, test helpers, logging etc. Because you want to symlink the one in your clone, and not the one from npm. Anyway, this will do that for you:

$ make link clean

Now install Coffeescript and twerp globally:

$ [sudo] npm install -g coffee-script twerp

Run the tests

$ make test


Now you can add your features and tests. Once you’re done submit a pull-request and hopefully your stuff will be merged.